I’ve seen far too many people ask and have been asked by far too many people how to become a Satanist or how to be a practitioner of the LHP. I will state this here, you cannot become a Satanist, nor can you become a practitioner of the LHP. You either are one or you aren’t, you cannot just wake up one day, read a book, say some ominous Latin phrases and become one just like that. Satanism and any other LHP philosophy are lifestyles and mindsets. Satanists are people who have innately got the personality traits and thought-processes that drive the Satanic idea and the LHP.
People of the Left-Hand Path are generally those who have always rejected self-proclaimed authority and demanded evidence and reason to believe something or give respect to people whom demand it. However, generally, those people whom demand respect are usually not worthy of it.

Practitioners of the LHP are born with the traits that make them practitioners of the LHP, whether they are consciously aware or not. A practitioner of the LHP simply realises that their personality and thought-process is not dissimilar to that of the various LHP philosophies. It is up to the individual as to whether they decide to use the LHP terms to describe themselves and their ideas or not. Some people may wish to stray away from using the names commonly used within the LHP for one reason or another. The LHP is a highly individualistic set of paths and philosophies however, the one thing that makes them all LHP philosophies are the core components of them which make them LHP.

Most, if not, all LHPs strive towards auto-deification, the act of turning oneself into a God. Be it literally or metaphorically.

Overall, the Satanist or LHP practitioner is not made, he/she is born and awakens to their true nature.



An important part of the Path of Transition is Eclecticism. I try to look into a large variety of things and implement them all into my philosophy. After all, the Path of Transition is about transcending above the “normal”, about surpassing the previous. The Path of Transition originally stemmed from writings by Anton LaVey and Order of Nine Angles literature. This is why I class the Path of Transition as a branch of the Left-Hand Path.

However, although the philosophy originally stemmed from ideas proposed from these other pieces of writing, there have been other influences on the philosophy too. Aleister Crowley’s Law of Thelema has played a part in the shaping of the philosophy and so have the esoteric ideas of energy. All of these different ideas have come together to produce what I term the Path of Transition. All of these things are what cause me to view the world and Universe in the way that I do. Of course my day-to-day interactions with others also help to shape this view.

I realised that if I am truly going to “complete” this philosophy, I must write about more than just how the world can be viewed and how a person can progress using this path. That is why the writing is branching to more than just pure philosophy. My last post and posts before concerning Anarchy are not just simply a philosophical comment on life, they are posts that can be read and actively applied to everyday life. I say this because when it comes to philosophy, you will find a lot of writing that is simply a different mindset, a different way to think about things. They are not practical ideas. They cannot be applied directly, they are internal ideas. My post “Monopoly of Success” can be considered a practical idea because it can be actively applied throughout life. Whereas, another post of mine “Internal Fire” is an internal idea piece of writing. “Internal Fire” gives you a different approach, a different way of thinking about life, your interactions with others and most importantly, yourself.

In order to build a complete philosophy, you must build upon everything that you may encounter throughout life. It is best to develop ideas around these things from personal experiences but until you experience them, building from the experiences and ideas of others is the best place to start.

The Path of Transition praises Eclecticism for it realises that different circumstances, different situations call for different approaches. Building from a singular material makes for a dull creation.

The Monopoly of Success

Individuality is in scarce supply in the “modern” day. This is not to say that there are no differences between people but simply to say that for the vast majority of people, they are the exact same. People do not question anything. People are brought up and taught to simply listen, obey and repeat. People are not taught to question anything. Everyone is a slave to the big corporations of the world.
The only way in which to survive in the current phase of life on earth is to follow along with these corporations in their little game. In order to survive, grow and progress in this phase, you still have to follow along with the corporations. You still have to play their game. However, you are not just playing their game, you must also play them. In order to get what you want and to escape their monopoly of success, you’ve got to play them. You’ve got to go along with what they want but, as well as doing that, you’ve got to work on something you enjoy. You need to find something you’re passionate about and turn it into a career. If you’re able to make money from your passion, you’ve taken the first step to escaping their monopoly.

Until people take these first steps to escaping the corporate monopoly on success, everything will remain as it is. The majority will be working dead-end jobs, slowly hating their life more and more each day and giving these corporations just that little bit more power as each day passes. We are still able to succeed and get what we want from this life, we just have to work hard for it.

The main point of this post is that we still have the ability to succeed, we just have to actually want to succeed. In order to do so, we have to play along with the game of life by the rules set out by the corporations but while playing, we’ve got to work on building up our own rule-set and gaining the resources we need in order to play the game by our own rules. Once we have gained what we need from their game, we’re able to leave, tell them all to fuck off and piss off those corporations for escaping their system of slavery.

**Special thanks to: Aaron Clarey and Davis Aurini – For giving me the ideas and inspiration for this post.**

Anarchy and the Left-Hand Path.

The Left-Hand Path is inherently highly anarchic. The Left-Hand Path is sought out by those who are their own masters. The Left-Hand Path is for those few people that realise, know and accept the fact that every person is free to make any choice, decision or action that they please however, the LHP man (or woman) knows and accepts that every individual is also responsible to accept any consequence that come from their actions, words, thoughts, desires or ideas.

However, the Left-Hand Path seeks to change the current state of societal ‘morals’ and sees most things that bring upon scrutiny as petty and irrelevant in relation to the here and now life in this universe. Anarchy is the realisation that as individuals, we do not require masters to dictate us in how we behave. Anarchy realises these masters as governments.

If you look at the etymology of the word ‘Government’, you can see that it comes from two words.

Govern-Ment. Govern meaning to control and Ment coming from Mentis meaning ‘Mind’.

So, when we break down the word ‘Government’ and look at the etymology it means to ‘Control’ the ‘Mind’ which is what we see on a daily basis in the form of “Laws” and media portraying people and events in ways to manipulate the masses into believing a certain idea. The media are also used to highlight certain events in order to hide attention from other stories and to generate hype around others.

Every single person is free to chose to say, think or do anything they wish. They are however responsible for the consequence of everything they do, say or think. For every action, there is a reaction.

Psychic Vampires.

What is a “Psychic Vampire”?

A Psychic Vampire, by my definition is someone who drains you both physically and mentally. A “Psychic Vampire” is someone that always wants something from you but never gives anything back in return.

These people are worthless to you and society. They want nothing more than to take everything you could possibly offer them and not give you anything in return, you want to call these people out as what they are, you want to destroy them in anyway you can. Although the ‘Path of Transition’ is based on Self-Preservation and it a “put yourself first” ideology, the ‘Path of Transition’ also teaches “Honour” and “Loyalty” which I wrote about in an early post.


If you are going to ask a favour of someone, you should be willing to help them when they ask because if you help them, you are more than likely going to want to be able to call on them when you need something. Taking from someone without giving anything in return is hypocrisy and is not valued highly on the ‘Path of Transition’.

Throughout life you will meet many people that fit the description of a ‘Psychic Vampire’ and as a “follower” of the ‘Path of Transition’ it would serve well to unmask these people for what they truly are. They are leaches, parasites and as such they are unworthy of your time, effort and energy.

Do not waste time on those that serve you no purpose, cast the unworthy aside as to make room for others.

Don’t let others keep you down, your main aim is to remain true and honourable while fulfilling your desires throughout life. Those that try to stop you from doing this are your enemies and should be treated as such.

Creation Of Deity.

If deities are not real then how were they “created” or thought of and why were they created?

The answer to this question is simple, deities where created either to explain something that could not be explained logically or to pass responsibility onto. Humans don’t like to take responsibility for things and they like a “higher power” to deal with their problems instead of doing something about it themselves. Deities are away of people projecting their own ego outwards to something else, something “greater”. Giving responsibility for actions that they believe they cannot do themselves such as: murder, judgement and the creation of rules and “morals”. This is quite possibly where the idea of totalitarianism originated from, the RHP organised religions.

There are however some applications that we can use the deities of these religions for. If you look at any religion that has a multitude of deities, they will usually have a god or goddess for a specific part of life or part of the human psyche. For instance, if we look at Greek mythology they have separate gods and goddesses for things such as: love, knowledge, war, agriculture and even intelligence and battle strategy. All of these deities are archetypes, they represent a certain part of life or part of the human conscious or unconscious. If you look at the mythologies of these deities, you can develop your own understanding of the certain fields that the deity represents. Mythology is not to be taken as fact, it is a story with meaning. These mythologies are guides for you to use to gain a greater understanding of things.

I cannot tell you the raw meaning of something but, I can however give you my interpretation of it. Once you have that, it is up to you to develop your own interpretation so that you can gain your own understanding.

The quote above can also be applied to the various mythologies that have been created, they can be interpreted in many different ways by many different people, if you read someone’s interpretation of a certain mythology, you shouldn’t just memorise their interpretation and be done with it, you should look at how they have read it and try reading the mythology again but applying their interpretation, you will probably find things that don’t quite match what they say in your mind with what the mythology is saying and this is where you can think for yourself and find your own meaning and develop your own interpretation.

The point I am attempting to get across with this post is that you shouldn’t take what someone else says about something as the bottom line, true meaning. You should look at it yourself and try to develop your own meaning and understanding, not just with mythology and philosophy but with everything. Another point that I wanted to write about was that mythology was not created originally to be believed blindly without actually examining it. It was created to be viewed as a collection of archetypes that expressed certain aspects of life.

Loyalty and Honour.

The only important aspect of the social paradigm is that of loyalty and honour. As you go through life you will meet people who you will bond with, you will form close relationships. You will gain a sense of loyalty to each other. The importance of maintaining this loyalty and maintaining your honour is imperishable. The one thing you must do within the social paradigm is maintain loyalty towards those that you have close bonds with. Be fiercely loyal to those who you respect highly and have strong personal ties with. Keep your honour at its apex and defend those you are loyal to with all your strength.

If you swear an oath of loyalty to someone, swear it by your honour, otherwise it is meaningless. Swearing an oath of loyalty to someone means you will stand by them in their darkest hours, you will defend them if they so need it when their own honour comes into question. You cannot void an oath of loyalty whenever you so choose, if you wish to be released from an oath you must consult the person to which the oath was sworn to and if they agree to release you from your oath, you are free. If not, you are still sworn to your oath of loyalty and you must up hold the values of the oath. For voiding and oath of loyalty without consulting the person the oath was sworn to is dishonourable and the act of weakness. The only other way in which you can be released from an oath of loyalty would be if the person you have sworn the oath to dies.

If you are going to hate, hate with every part of your soul and if you are going to love, love with all of your heart. Be wary of your enemies for you do not know what they have planned. The friends of your enemies are also your enemies for they will likely join against you.

Remain honourable, Remain loyal and stay true to your words. The only thing that will be left after you die will be the memory of your honour and deeds.